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Conquer It

Really pushed myself on my walk tonight

Walked for 45 minutes and made 3 rounds up and down the hills at the back of the nature preserve

Learn mult. tables

Packed a Suitcase

I'm going to Seattle at the end of the month for a week. We're going to a wedding and spending sometime hiking and boating and sight seeing.  And we're taking carry on luggage. After researching packing tips, much brainstorming and pre-planning I did a did a test run yesterday.  And Everything fits!

Read "The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead"

I enjoyed reading about the 1920s

Dream Big-- Read

I won the opportunity to dream about being a police officer by having lunch with the Chief. And also get a tour of the police station. It's so cool!

I conquered my "Butterflies" on waterslides

I am a person who doesn't like butterflies in my stomach when i go on rides. But that issue isn't so serious around waterslides now. I conquered that fear and now I can have fun riding water slides without being too scared. WOO-HOO! =D

Fixed my laptop

My laptop got infected with a very annoying redirect virus. I was able to fix it myself and get rid of said virus. Hooray!

I'm now riding a two wheel bike, yahoo!

Tried to Listen to the Longest Book in the World

The angel's game [sound recording]: a novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafón ; [English translation by Lucia Graves]

Read Book - Biscuit gose to school

Biscucit like to go to school. He dose what the techer tell,s. Evrebody like,s Biscuit.

Survival Against All Odds

Check out these fantastic tales of surviving historic atrocities, crashes and the worst Mother Nature has to offer:

Between a rock and a hard place by Aron Ralston

Alive: sixteen men, seventy-two days, and insurmountable odds— the classic adventure of survival in the Andes by Piers Paul Read

Buried alive: the true story of the Chilean mining disaster and the extraordinary rescue at Camp Hope by Manuel Pino Toro; foreword by Natalie Morales

I rode the water slide at Turtle Cove

I conquered my fear of waterslides and rode the green one at Turtle Cove for the first time with my mom. I went down again later with my sister. It was GREAT!


Yay! I earned all my badges!

Went to the top of the Willis Tower

I conquered my fear of heights and went to the Willis Tower.

Ich habe "In einem tiefen, dunklen Wald" auf Deutsch gelesen

This fractured fairy tale is the German children's book author Paul Maar. He has won numerous awards. It was a fun read with entertaining graphics and part of the storyline was about conquering fear of monsters. Strong female characters, wry  humor, spoofs on traditional royalty roles, and crazy plot twists made me see why he is an award-winning author in Germany.

read-martin luther king

martin luther kings`s real name was michail luther king.he made whites and blacks together

I played my clarinet to get practice for when school starts!!!

Instruments are not easy to play and I need all the practice I can get. I don't want to walk into school in September and have forgotten how to play my clarinet! I plan on practicing a little more in august too. I also plan on getting first chair so I will need to work super hard and control my emotions when I have to play a song (solo) for everyone in my band class to hear! :)

Had a surprise party for my parents

I threw a successful surprise party for my parents 60th birthdays. It was so much fun. :)

Went to Kiev, Ukraine

As part of a study abroad. I didn't know anyone going and lived with a host family, and it was a wonderful experience. I want to go back, now that I'm home again!

Walked for 36 minutes

Okay so getting out there for tonight's walk was tough!  I was really tired and wanted ro skip it.  Turns out it was a lovely night for a walk with a slight cool breeze.  Sad to note that it is definitely getting dark earlier.