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Chow Down

Kids in th Kitchen week at summer camp

Kids in th Kitchen week at summer camp

Attended an Amish produce auction

Out of respect for the Amish who don't want to be photographed, I refrained from taking pictures of anything except produce while attending the auction.

Went to dinner at a German resturant in Jasper, Indiana

Enjoyed a delish dinner!

Visited a Spice factory in Indiana

Bought some yummy Vietnamese cinnamon.

I had red, white and blue popsicles!!!

I had red, white and blue popsicles to celebrate the 4th of July. I ate them outside on my patio because it was just more fun that way. They were so yummy and sweet! I love popsicles! Don't worry, I had my dinner first... :)

Ate at a Middle Eastern restaurant

This was last month. It was called Al Saha and the food was really good!

Ate some delicious asian pasta that my mom made

cherry-mango ice cream

Experimented with my Mom's Recipes

Made Homestyle Mac and Cheese...I messed with it a little and added some ham and changed out the butter for olive oil in an attempt to make it healthier...the ham was excellent, but I think it could have done without the OO... next time will be better!

Cooked food for family

I had a special dinner for my mom's birthday!!!

My mom made a wonderful dinner to celebrate her birthday. My favorite part was when we got to eat the delicious cake though! :)

Figured out a restaurant's salad recipe with my mom!

You know Buddy's antipasto salad? My family gets it all the time whenever we go to Buddy's. But my mom and I wanted to figure out how to make the salad at home. After a few tries, We finally got the recipe down and it tastes great!

Created special sauces for my parents to use on the meats we grill

I love to create in the kitchen. My Mom and Dad trust me because I am in a cooking class, and even though they don't always look yummy, I can make some tasty summer sauces and treats. (As long as Mom helps me clean up after!)

Ate at Big Apple Bagel's

I had a southern special OM NOM NOM!!!

I submitted a recipe to the recipe exchange

My mom's recipe for Monkey Bread is usually devoured within twenty minutes. It's very tasty!

I helped my mom chop mushrooms.

Had a picnic with friends

I went swimming at the lake and ate some great bbq!

Went to a Thai restaurant

I ate at Aladdin. The food was great!