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Chow Down

Went to a Chinese restaurant in Windsor

Had dinner at May Wah Inn in Windsor, Ontario. It was delicious!

I helped make lasagna with my mom.

I helped make lasagna with my mom.

Made 4th of July themed food for our party

Went to TacoBell


I tried some escargots at the dinner. Yummy.

Princess Brakfast recipes

I am going to help my mom with the French toast recipe I learnt from that book.

frozen cherry icee

I had purple potatoes!!!

Some purple potatoes were on sale at the store so my mom bought some little ones. They taste like regular potatoes but I think they're so gorgeous and cute! This is the first time I have ever tried purple potatoes. My mom told me they're uncommon for some reason and pretty expensive but...I love them!!! :)

Trying a giant burger at Big Boy

I always eat a little buger but then I tryed eating a big burger at Big Boy!

Patriotic dessert

On Fourth of July, my friends and I enjoyed our first cookout and a patriotic dessert! Strawberries, blueberries, and vanilla ice cream! Yummy red white and blue!

made cookies for the family

tried gnocchi for the first time - yum

Made healthy pasta

Served multi-grain pasta with homemade pesto sauce using home-grown basil.

My family came over for the 4th

We ate so much, we could barly move! It was a lot of fun, especally the fireworks at night. Happy Independence Day everyone!!

I went to the canton farmers market

I like finding the hidden bird

read It's Raining Cupcakes!

Baked a key lime pie

spicy beef noodle soup

Attended an Annual Family Potluck Picnic