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Chow Down

Me and my mom made Brownies

Ate at a thai restaurant called Usmania

Ate at Royal Sweets

Ate Chicago Pizza at Lou's

i ate chineese food for the first time

Signed up for a kids cooking class

Exhanged Recipes

My aunt makes these delicious beans, and she decided to pass the recipe down to me. In return i gave her a recipe for Cranberry Apple Cake which is one of my favorites. Now, we both make them all the time

I tried McDonalds's smoothies!!!

McDonalds has three smoothie flavors: Blueberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Banana and Mango Pineapple. I didn't try Mango Pineapple yet but i'm planning on it. McDonalds's smoothies are incredible! I love smoothies! :)

I made Pasta

I made with Basil Pesto, and I grew the Basil myself!

Went to my mom's family picnic....

... and ate more than I probably should have. The water in the lake felt good though!

I went to 7-Eleven last week to get a free slurpee!!!

I went to 7-Eleven last week to get a free slurpee. They were giving out mini slurpee's so of course I had to get one! I was surprised to find somebody that I know there. Anyway, after I finished my slurpee, I got another one. My tongue was bright blue after my slurpee's but they were heavenly! I got a brain freeze! :)

I went to Starbucks last week to get a free drink!!!

I went to Starbucks last week to get a free drink. It's some special thing where they hand out free drinks for a few hours. I got the berry flavor with blackberries in it and was surprised to find that it tasted like tea. It wasn't bad actually... :)

Ate at the Omelette and Waffle Cafe

This restaurant is in downtown Plymouth. I've been there many times and always enjoy it. This morning's trip was no exception. Their food is fantastic! Many different types of omelettes to choose from, great hash browns, waffles and pancakes. I highly recommend going there.

made my own breakfast

made a pancake using homegrown zucchini

went to family storytime picnic

went to camp

I made my own burger.

made my lunch

I made lunch by myself.

We made dinner for our parents

We made waffles and eggs

In our camp, we had a cook-out. We cut our own vegetables. Made our own burritos. Wrapped it. Walked to the camp site. We collected wood to make a good fire. Then put our burritos in the fire to cook.

It was so cool to experience that. Except the part where our group had to cut onions. Our eyes were burning like crazy. We became crybabies!!!:)