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Chow Down

Made brownies and apple pie!

I made a cake with my sister

It was fun and chaotic at the same time since there were so many hands in the way. But the strawberry cake turned out delicious!

I made icecream at the make you own icecream program

Led the Make your own ice cream program at 4

I had a great time leading the 4:00 group in making ice cream on July 23rd. The kids had a great time and so did I. This was my first time making ice cream and it was very quick and easy. :)

attended the "Make your icecream" program

made ice cream

I made an ice cream at the library this morning. First, I put it in the cup. Then I changed it to the bowl. I thought it makes me feel good. It's melting so quickly. But it's still yummy. I had fun!

I made ice cream

I made ice cream at the library today.  It was cold, it was yummy and I froze my hands shaking it up. :)  It wa fun.

I made 40 brownies for my sisters party!

And they were YUMMY!

Had dinner at National Coney Island

We were there to celebrate my BIL's 49th birthday.  Did you know that July is National Hotdog Month?

I had a salad.  :)

I helped at Open Door Ministeries food bank each week, so others can chow down

I tried apricots and they tasted like peaches.

In the mood to cook today ...

... so far I have made 5 pumpkin custards, a batch of sweet potatoes and simmering on the stove top is a huge batch of cabbage, onions and Rotel tomatoes.

Went to Cupcake Station in Plymouth

I got a PB&C cupcake - a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting, topped with a peanut butter cup. Delicious!

made a watermelon smooth

Tried a New Rstaurant - Scrambler Marie's - YUM!

Went to Coldstone Creamery!

After dinner, went to coldstone creamery and created an 'oreo creme icecream with cherry-pie filling' tasted amazing...will go again very soon:)

made lunch

I made Macanori ane Cheese for myself. It's good!

I made snack mix.

read hot, sour, salty, sweet

the story is so funny my family is a little like that sometimes

i made a lemonsicle