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Chow Down

I read the book Ms. Leakey is freaky !

It is about a boy named A.J. who love junk food. The new health teacher Ms. Leakey says that everybody should eat fruits, vegetables and nuts. You should not eat junk foods for it is full of sugar.

Ate my own home-grown tomatoes

Even though they are not as good as usual due to this wickedly hot summer, I am now eating a home-grown tomato each day. It is a lot of work growing them, but worth evey bite.

i ate ice cream at coldstone

it was choc and coffee.

Made my favorite breakfast this morning

I call it  Bowl of Heaven.  Here's the recipe;

Slice 8 oz of tofu length wise into 5 or 6 slices, sprinkle cinnamon on both sides pan fry on both sides using spray oil.  When the tofu is browned on both sides cut it into bite sized pieces and add it to 6 oz of Greek yogurt, 1 granny smith apple peeled and cut into bite sized pieces, and 1/2 c dry rye and barley flakes.  Enjoy!


TALES FOR VERY PICKY EATERS. I like milk, I like eggs, and I love broccoli. I think I'm a pretty healthy girl.

I went to the Blue-Nile restaurant in Ann Arbor.

It is an Ethiopian cuisine, and the food was super good!

Lunch Lady and the Mutant Mathletes

Lunch Lady and the mutant mathletes by Jarrett Krosoczka —   I tried a new graphic novel series since BabyMouse is always checked out.  This was a fun alternative.  I'll never look at cafeteria ladies the same way again.


Made Ice Cream

I used my new ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid to make absolutely scrumptious and incredibly decadent chocolate ice cream.  And then I had it for breakfast.

Ordered pizza from Rose's Restaurant

I love the pizza at Rose's. This one has ham and chicken on it. I wish I knew the recipe they use for the crust. It's so good!

read a book

Cooking with the CAT. I like to make cookies. It's really fun.

made cookies

made some no bake cookies

Went on the Tour de French Toast

My mom and I went on a quest in search of the best french toast around. We tried Scrambler Marie's--I got the blue plate, our own homemade, Bob Evans, and, the winner, Angelo's in Ann Arbor! It's my favorite!

Baked mini rainbow cakes in jars!!

I mostly followed a recipe that I found on to make these personal-sized cakes, but I used smaller jars and slightly different color mixtures than the ones recommended on the website. As a long-term fan of all things bright and colorful, this recipe, and my results, were very exciting to me! :) Now I just have to frost the cakes and then share them with people. If anyone wants to try making their own, here is the recipe I used: Two hints: they have oddly specific instructions for how to create the colors, but because I didn't have all the food dye colors that they said to use, I just improvized and they turned out fine. Also, smaller jars work much better than the Mason jars they recommend. I did four small jars and one large Mason jar, and the Mason jar didn't cook as well and turned out kind of lumpy and ugly, whereas the small jar cakes look tasty and pretty!

Cupcake Judge for the Battle of the Cupcakes

I was so lucky to serve as a judge at the Canton Public Library's Battle of the Cupcakes!  All  of the cupcakes were so delicous I was glad that all the participants were able to walk away with a prize!!!

made lemonade

Battle of the Cupcakes Winners

The Battle of the Cupcakes was a scrumptious success. Thanks to all of our bakers that presented delicious and beautifully decorated cupcakes and to our panel of judges.

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the Battle of the Cupcakes challenge. Pictured from left to right; Elise, Morgan, Jada, Dagan, and Amanda.

I made breakfast for my mom and dad for Memorial day

Had lunch at Los Tres Amigos

Los Tres Amigos is my favorite restaurant in Canton! I had lunch special #3 - a cheese enchilada, bean burrito and rice. I always enjoy eating outside on their patio, and I was able to do so yesterday just before the rain started!