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Chow Down

Baked Brownies

I baked brownies to share with my co-workers.

I am reading the hunger games cookbook

It has lots of cool recipes like Capitol grade chocolate cake.YUM

Ate Healthy

Ate Healthy

Made baked kale chips

bought fresh kale at farmer's market and made kale chips

Food Art

I make some of my own breakfast and lunch

Road my bike with my big sister for more than an hour.

Road my bike with my big sister for more than an hour.

Went to Farmer's Market

Had a picnic with my family

We packed a picnic lunch with our family to take to Greenfield village today.

Mailed food

I sent my daughter and nephew each a huge barrel of cheese balls at camp to share with their cabins, and told them to have a ball this week.

i made strawberry bread

make a chocolate pie for fathers day

Shared recipes on the Recipe Kiosk

I shared recipes for a fabulous Strawberry Salad with poppyseed dressing and an outstanding Black Russian Cake with vodka and kahlua in the recipe.

Tried Head Cheese

Went out to dinner to Toasted Oak for my birthday and had their charcuterie platter, which included head cheese. It was neither disgusting, nor fabulous.
Then I re-read the description of Ma making head cheese in the first chapter of:

Little house in the Big Woods by Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957

Read so close to be famous

It was about cupcakes

Eat Healthy

Made homemade juice for the family.