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Chow Down

pre-prepped dinner

ice cream bars!!!

Restaurant Review

Have you been out to a great dinner lately? Did you experience excelent service? Maybe you tried a new restaurant? We want to know. 

Grab a bite at a local Canton restaurant, share your experiences with us and earn your Chow Down badge. Post a restaurant review with the name of the restaurant, when you visited and a breif description of your experience. Include comments about the food, service and ambiance. 

Happy Chowing!

Dine in at Curry on Crust Pizza

ate cold-stir noodles

I made my own cupcakes

Attended the program "Snack Tales" at the library

Read the book about Glodilocks and the three martians

Snack Tales Program at the library

There were two stories and a cupcake decoration project.

Made snow cones for my siblings

ate fried rice

made lemonade

read a Chinese cook book

I read a recipe and made cookies to share with my family

I read a recipe and made cookies to share with my family

made ramon noodles!

I made banana pancakes

helped make my breakfast

ate a burrito from taco bell

Calling All Babies — July

Calling All Babies! If you are two-years-old or younger, join us Thursday, July 12, 2012 from 10:00-10:30 AM, as we explore Yummy Food. We'll have fun learning about all things tasty and getting to play a bit too. Moms, be sure to register your little one beginning June 26, 2012. We look forward to seeing you there!