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Chow Down

Had dinner out to celebrate being married 31 years

I had yummy cedar plank salmon at Big Fish.

I tried some bule cheese today. It smells stinky but taste not too bad.

i made cupcake

I made vegan sushi rolls!

They were delicious (:

I made a yummy breakfast myself.

we had a BBQ and read 2 recipe books, I helped cook

made homade fruit everthing smoothies to pies

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Baked Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Oatmeal blondies with chocolate chips and walnuts.

Attended the Canton Volunteer Recognition Dinner

Ate at a great restaurant up north

Had a wonderful meal at Shirley's In the Woods Cafe.

i posted a review for resarant review

i baked a cake

I got raspberry sherbet at Guernseys!!!

I got raspberry sherbet a Guernseys on tuesday. I love sherbet! After I chose raspberry I thought that maybe I should have got lemon or some other flavor just for a variety (I had raspberry sherbet before). I also thought that maybe I should have got the cup instead of a cone because the cup looked like it could have held a little more ice cream. Oh well... The reason I went there was because my dad was having a little outing with some people he worked with at his work. There were gigantic rocks in front of Guernseys so I had fun sitting on them with my little brother while licking my sherbet. I listened to my dads work buddies tell stories and soon discovered that they were really nice people! Guernseys is fantastic! :)

made some awesome brownies - layered with chocolate chip cookies and oreos

ate some delicious Indian pizza

Dinner at Ruby Tuesday with my besties

Anita, Andrea, Deb and Jill

Picnic lunch at work with my bff Shari and her 9 y-o Brendon

So glad they have recently moved back to Michigan from North Carolina!

Coffee and donuts compliments of WOMC

Nice treat for CPL staff this morning!