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Chow Down

Tried Slow's BBQ for the first time

Savored "The Genius", a bbq vegetarian sandwich topped with sliced pickles and slaw, al fresco at Campus Martius Park this afternoon--it was delish!

tried somthing new today for dinner "indian butter chicken" soooo yummy

Tried Alot of New Asian Food At A Buffet

I went to Hibachi Grill And tried all kinds of new asian food such as, Clam meat, New types of Sushi, etc. I had a great time, except that i was SUPER full after stuffing myself so much!

Eating dinner with co-workers

Went out to dinner this evening with my co-workers to the Rusty Nail.

having dinner at Antonio's

My family went to Antonio's again. I love the free bread. And the chick soup is my favor too. Today I had macaroni and cheese. It's delicious!

a book about shapes


Read "Sprinkled With Murder"

I like this series and want to try some of the cupcake recipes.

I had dinner at the Antonio's. I love the pizza.

I ate a carrot popsicle yesterday!!!

I had to wait late at night to eat the popsicle because it was still in the freezer. When I saw it I was like, mom, carrot popsicles? Eww! I tried one anyway and I didn't think it was bad although it wasn't too sweet like a popsicle should be. Maybe my mom put a little sugar in it to make it kinda sweet...? Anyway, it wasn't the best in my opinion but it is healthy (it's made out of carrot juice obviously). :)

Made Strawberry shortcake for breakfast

My version had rolled oats, tofu, plain yogurt and of course fresh strawberries.

Baked a batch of sweet potatoes

We will be having them for dinner tomorrow and for other meals throughout the rest of the week.  Definitely one of our favorite starches.

I tried the new Cantina Bowl at Taco Bell on sunday with my mom!!!

The Cantina Bowl is very delicious and pretty healthy actually and it's something I would totally want to eat again. It's a salad with beans, rice, corn, pepper salsa (I don't know what that is), cilantro dressing and guacamole made from real avocados (don't worry, there wasn't a lot of it and I couldn't really taste it because I mixed it with the salad). I had the choice of getting it with chicken, steak or vegetables but I chose the chicken. Lorena Garcia is the chef who invented this wonderful meal and it only came out about a month ago. The salad only comes in one size (which didn't fill me up...i'm a hungry girl!) and is about five dollars. So go out and try the Cantina Bowl! I enjoy trying new things so i'm sure you will love it too... :)

made some lemon poppy seed zucchini bread

I ran a concession stand

My sister and I set up a concession stand at my grandma's garage sale. We sold cookies, water, and koolaid.

Barbie book

I can be a pastry chef. Oh, it's a lovely book. There are over 50 stickers inside.

i made home made with my grandpa today.

TV Program - Barefoot Contessa

i wacthed the show and helped my mom make cookies and muffins. i poured the batter.

TV Program - Barefoot Contessa

We used to watch Barefoot contessa in TV. I helped my mom to make cookies and muffins. I arranged the sheet on the tray and I pour the batter in the muffin cup paper.

Made Rolls

Decided to make rolls one morning, so I looked up a recipe and did it.

Healthy Asian Food Expo

Would you like to learn about nutrition and taste traditional Asian food? Come to the Healthy Asian Food Expo presented by Asian Center — Southeast Michigan. This expo is the culmination of a recipe contest judged by dietitians. Recipe finalists will prepare their dishes and you will have a chance to taste and vote for your favorite.

Attend nutrition seminars and see exhibits from local restaurants and shops featuring healthy food. The kids can play with models of nutrient molecules and see examples of healthy lunchboxes.

Asian Center — SEMI is dedicated to health research and meeting the unique health needs of the SE Michigan Asian-American community.

The event is on Saturday, August 11th, from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM at the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital located at 6777 West Maple Road in West Bloomfield. Admission is free.