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Be Well

Rode my bike for 3.5 miles

I found out the answer to medical mystery #1.

Worked out in the morning

played at the woodpark

Used Sunscreen when going outside

went swimming

Made a healthy avacado salsa

Went Tubing

Traditional Folk Dance

On Monday, July 9 from 7:00-8:00 PM, Jim McKinney of the Golden Griffon Stringtet will instruct us on and "call out" a litany of traditional folk dances. This lively, energetic and very fun program harks back to a different time when do-si-dos and sashays were the hot new thing. Costumes optional. Come join the fun!

[Austen folk dancing by Michael R Perry is used under CC BY-SA 2.0]


I did weight lifting, sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and I ran

medical mystery #2

Summer Saturdays Walking Club

As part of our Connect Your Summer Program join us Saturday July 14th and earn the Be Well Badge by walking around the lake at Heritage Park. Meet at the "clock" adjacent to the library at noon for a half hour walk around the lake, more that a mile! Wear comfortable shoes, bring water, friends, family, sunscreen, etc. Additional Saturday walk dates, weather-permitting, include July 21st and July 28th.

Medical Word Search #1 Heart Health

Do you like word searches? For the Be Well badge, the challenge is to successfully complete all 5 Medical Word Searches to be in the prize drawing. The Medical Word Searches are available at the Help Desk. Take one, have fun, return when done! It's that easy!

cooked creampuffs with no sugar

From scratch with no sugar


I did running, push-ups, jumping jacks. Whew!

Biking and Tennis

We just bought me a new bike--the most comfortable one I've ever road.  We rode our bikes to the tennis courts instead of driving.

read a book

Angling to Zorbing -Sports from A to Z by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann. I've learned some sport from this book.

read a book

Be a Good Sport! by Jennifer Waters. Sport can be fun. My favorite sport is swim.

read a book

Healthy Habits by Rebecca Weber. I got more vitamins this morning. After breakfast I ate more cherries.

Read the Kung Fu Panda book