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Be Well

I went to the dr. today and got a shot. I also read Froggy goes to the dr.

Get inspired, Go Wild

Have you earned your Go Wild badge yet? If not, summer isn't over yet--so you still have time. Now that the weather has gotten better, be sure to get out and Go Wild by taking a walk in the woods or at a park, enjoying Art in the Park this weekend, July 13, 14, and 15, 2012 in Downtown Plymouth, or run through the sprinkler to cool off. No matter what you choose to do, Go Wild and have fun!

I helped solve medical mystery #2.

I hola hooped plus danced(Hawaiian type) to the song "I like to Move it move it"

I made up this talent when I was 8 at a talent show. I got the highest score. I had so much fun. I continued to excel my own talent and it is physically good and keeps me fit while I am having SO much FUN!!!!!:)

Ran 2.2 miles

Challenge Yourself to Hula Hoop!

Stop by the library and challenge yourself with a hula hoop! Besides conquering your coordination, hula hooping is great physical activity, too.

Bubble gum and hula hoops: the origins of objects in our everyday lives by Harry Oliver

I went to the dentist about a week after school ended!!!

I went to the dentist about a week after school ended. I think it's very fun to go to the I went first (before all of my brothers). The lady who cleaned my teeth was pretty talkative and kind, and I like that about people. At the end of my cleaning, I got a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. I was told that I had no cavities! :)

I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get new running shoes!!!

Yesterday, I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get new running shoes. They are lime green and dark gray. I'm so happy because my new shoes are so flexible, soft and light! My old shoes were too small and they hurt my toes but the ones I got are prefect! Now when I go to work out with my dad, I'll be more comfortable... :)

go swim

I went swim and took a lessons. I practice for 1 more hours after the class. I was sleeping while my mom drove me home. Exhausted!

Traditional Yoga

I attended the library program and learned traditional yoga. It's so hard to keep the balance. But I love it.

i went to the dentist for the regular cleaning

Re-joined Weight Watchers


Contributed to a blog about youth sports injuries

Went swimming

Practiced hula hooping

Got a sports physical

Played 18 holes of golf with a friend!

What a great evening for a round!

Learned how to hula hoop