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Be Well

i went for a bike ride this morning

i started to exerecise 35 minutes a day

Medical Mystery #3


  1. Michigan's number 1 public health crisis with 32% of the population being affected
  2. Root cause for most chronic illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases
  3. Can be prevented or intervened by maintaining a healthy diet
  4. Regular physical activities or exercises is a key component to not getting this problem
  5. An annual physical exam which checks for the Body Mass Index (BMI), cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure is a good way to inform you of where you stand in this crisis
Send your guess to with the subject line "Medical Mystery #3". After you send your guess claim your Sleuth It or Be Well badge. The contest winner must solve all four mysteries this summer to win the prize. Good Luck!

Advance to intermediate Karate Class

Tested for a new belt and moved into a new class

Weight training

Worked out with weights for 25 minutes this morning.

Medical Word Search #2 Exercises

This is Week 2 for our Medical Word Search game. For the Be Well badge, the challenge is to successfully complete all 5 Medical Word Searches to be in the prize drawing. The Medical Word Searches are available at the Help Desk. Take one, have fun, return when done! It's that easy.

Saturday Walking Club

Join us on Saturday, July 21 for a power walk around the lake adjacent to the library in Heritage Park from Noon-12:30 PM. Meet at the "clock" and kick your summer off on the right foot. Bring your walking buddy, whether it's a 2-legged or 4-legged friend. We'll also have our last walk next Saturday, weather-permitting: July 28

Walked for 45 minutes

This is the second day in a row.  I really don't like to exercise.  Figured if I can claim a badge for it every time I work out that might motivate me to exercise more.  Let's see if it works! LOL

This morning my walk was, in part, at the nature preserve .  The birds were singing which made the walk more enjoyable.

go swim

I went swim with my family. We played beach ball in the water.

Morning Exercise

Every morning, I take time out of my day, and go for a light jog. Its a great way to exercise, and to not take a lot of time out of your day

i did the health word search

walked along 2 mile coast of Lake Huron

read a book

Drinking Water by Mari C. Schuh. I do drink lot of water. But I don't want to drink anything when I am sick.

read a book

HEALTHY CHOICES - Exercise and Play by Cath Senker. I love swim, ride a bike, and play at the park during the summer.

read a book

Fats, Oils, and Sweets by Carol Parenzan Smalley. I like everything is sweet.

Walked for 45 minutes while it was still cool out this morning

roller skates

I got a new roller skates today. And I love them. I played on th sidewalk for 30 minutes.

I ran around the neighborhood 2x

It equaled 1 mile and a half

Went to the park with the kids

I played tennis