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Be Well

I read about Tom Brady.

I played tball all summer.

read a book on health

not really my style

Learning to ride a bike without training wheels.

Played soccer at "High Velocity" for an hour

Completed "Exercises" and submiited entry at library help desk

Walked for 30 minutes

It was neat to see so many Canton residents out walking, biking, playing softball and soccer this evening!

i went swiming with my friend

Walked for 45 minutes before work

saw a rabbit and enjoyed the birds singing.

Read a Slightly Twisted Book about Death

Reaper man by Terry Pratchett — So my choices for Be Well are stretching it a little, but there's no category for just plain weird. This story is typical Pratchett style, maybe a little stranger than usual. Like any of his books featuring Death, there's some real gems, but the parasitic cities that are hatched as snowglobes, spend their childhood as shopping carts, and mature into shopping malls were a little over the top.

Excerised with Jane Fonda

Started doing the Jane Fonda Fit & Strong excerise tape (available at the Canton Public Library) and have lost 8 poinds in three weeks!

best chef in second grade

Got lots of exercise on vacation

My cousin and I ran around and went on the swings everyday while on vacation.

Swam everyday for a week while on vacation

I got lots of exercise swimming everyday for a week in Lake Huron.

Attended yoga class @ my gym

Trying to make it a habit (:

I ate zuccini for the first time

I went swimming

Walked a mile

walked a mile to the park with friends at a party.

walked around downtown for a whole day!

rode a bike

time: 23 minutes