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Be Well

Solved Medical Mystery #2

Walked for 50 minutes

I did so after work when it was still in the high 90's.  I really should get my walking in in the mornings.  :)

went swim

I went swimming with my mom. I can swim 100m now.

Rode my bike for 4.05 mile

Went for a walk at Gallop Park.

I ran for 1 hour

It was for a 5k race.

I hula hooped for 15 minutes

Phew! That was a workout!

Summer Saturdays Walking Club

As part of our Connect Your Summer Program join us Saturday July 28th and earn the Be Well Badge by walking around the lake at Heritage Park. Meet at the "clock" adjacent to the library at noon with friends or family. Wear comfortable shoes, bring water, sunscreen, etc. We'll do three laps around the lake, more that a mile, which should take about 30 minutes! This is the last walking date for the Connect Your Summer Program but keep on trekking...

Be Well Badge Word Search #3

The Be Well Badge Word Search #3 is now available at the Help Desks! Take the challenge and successfully complete all five Word Searches and be entered into a prize drawing. Grab one, complete and return when done. It's that easy!

I walked 3miles around a track and then swam, then I cycled 2 miles.

I went swim at RAC. I played some games and had a free ice cream. I had fun.

I went to my second Hip Hop class last week.

I have dance time everyday with my sitter.

Walked for 45 minutes

Wish I would have taken my camera with me, so many beautiful natural sights caught my eye.


went to the track and ran

Walked for 65 minutes


I tried high jump and long jump after I read THE OLYMPIC SPORTS. My mom said I was good.

finally got to spend time in the garden

what a gorgeous day!

I did push up.