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Be Well

Went for a walk this morning

This morning before I had to be at work I went for an hour long walk.  Now if only I could motivate myself to do it every morning.

I played basketball with my dad.

We have a lot of fun.

I almost know how swim this summer.

i went skating

i went skating for 3 hours

Hula Hoop!

went for swimming

I have soccer game every Sunday.

One Sunday I played 3 hours straight.

i read the x-ed out x-ray by Ron Roy

30 minutes of Weight training

I used a Kathy Smith DVD that I borrowed from the library a few yeras ago and liked it enough to buy my own copy.

Went swimming

Took a class on how to be a lifeguard

Went swimming

I learned how to butterfly stroke today. My coach said I'm a good swimmer.

Walked 30 minutes

It was a nice night to be out in the park too.

Walked for 30 minutes

What a great night for a walk!

Took a long walk

Watched 50/50

50/50 [videodisc] by Summit Entertainment presents ; in association with Mandate Pictures ; a Point Grey production ; produced by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen, Ben Karlin ; written by Will Reiser ; directed by Jonathan Levine — I wasn't sure how the humor would interact with the serious topic in this movie about a young cancer patient with 50/50 odds of survival, but I enjoyed it. Don't watch it if you're not in the mood to cry, but by the same token, don't watch it if you're not in the mood to laugh. Yes, it's a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

Read Fascinating Book About Cadavers

Stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers by Mary Roach — Probably should have skipped this one on my lunch break, but I thought it was fascinating nonetheless. I'm a sucker for medical history, and the author covers the uses and abuses of human cadavers from medical treatments to scientific inquiry to disposal methods. Oddly enough, I wasn't really put off by any of the information, and I learned about some very cool methods of body disposal that were introduced locally (yes, southeast Michigan is featured several times in this enthralling tome).