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Be Well

On Saturday I walked from the motel where we stayed to downtown Oscoda and back

it took just over an hour

I did word search

Switched to sparkling water

I've been enjoying this water much more than sugary soft drinks.  La Croix's lime flavor is great!

Solved Medical Mystery #4

Solved Medical Mystery #4 and emailed the answer to askCPL

Biked around Macinac Island

worked out

did wii fit

Medical Word Search #4 Check Up

Do you like word searches? For the Be Well badge, the challenge is to successfully complete all 5 Medical Word Searches to be in the prize drawing. The Medical Word Searches are available at the Help Desk. Take one, have fun, return when done! It's that easy!

Medical Mystery #4

Imagine yourself as a medical detective. Put your skills to the test by solving the following mystery — the last of 4 this summer. Read all the clues, find out the answer, and send your guess to with the subject line "Medical Mystery #4". After you send your guess you should claim your Sleuth It or Be Well badge. The contest winner must solve all 4 mysteries this summer to be entered in a drawying for a prize.
Good Luck!
  1. They call me a superfood and rightly so
  2. A serving of a 1/2 cup of me is ideal
  3. My dark color ensures that I'm packed with antioxidents
  4. I'm also high in potassium and vitamin C
  5. My native origin in North America

Went to my riding lesson.

Read Tiny beautiful things : advice on love and life from Dear Sugar

watched Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

I enjoyed this documentary. It reflected a lot of familiar experiences of attending a con. It was pretty fluffy, but still enjoyable.


This DVD has five workouts on it. I did the 20 minute cardio workout. It's short but very intense.

doing yoga

wnt for a jogg with mom

went swim

I went swim for also 2 hours. I practiced on butterfly swim stroke.

Biked the perimeter of Mackinac Island

Biked Around Macinac Island

I went to a yoga fitness in the summit

I got a membership to the Romulus Rec Center and now am excercsing there every weekend

I read a book