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Be Well

ran a 5k

Swimming for an hour this afternoon

Perfect afternoon for a long swim to cool off! Pool was busy but so refreshing!

Went swimming every day so far this summer

It is almost 1 week since school has been out and we have gone swimming at our neighborhood pool, the summit or our lake up north.

Read Baby Danced the Polka

Baby danced the polka by Karen Beaumont ; pictures by Jennifer Plecas — This baby dances with all the farm animals. There's nothing like some boogie-woogie to promote health.

i atend jiu jitsu classes regularly

Guessed Medical Mystery #1

Solved the medical mystery #1

I was able to solve this mystery..learnt a lot in the process

Read hunger games

It was an awesome book and explained the be well experience

Registered and Training for the Chicago Marathon in October

will be walking the Chicago Marathon with my husband and another couple. Raising money to supply clean drinking water in Zambia.

Submitted answer to Medical Mystery #1

I biked for over an hour

The Five Masks of Dr.Screem

in The Five Masks of Dr.Screem the girl knows gymnastics

I biked over one hour.

I ran a 1/4 mile and biked a mile.

I ran a 5K race with my dad.

Do lots of walking and eating protein and vegetables.

Tracking food and exercise

I'm keeping track of my calories and physical activity via the website My Fitness Pal.

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