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Be Well

Did 20 Sit Ups

Played basketball with my friends

I went to play basketball with my friends today. It really showed that I hadn't played in a while, haha, but we had fun. :)

Played with my sis

I danced in my room

Recommitted to working out regularly

Set up and carried out a fun exercise schedule!

With the assistance of a friend, I set up an exercise schedule where every day, except Sunday, we walk to the Summit and do fitness classes! We have been to several so far and found ourselves delightfully challenged by new types of exercise, such as PiYo and Cardio Sculpt!

I danced in my room

Played game that me and my sis invented


Be Well

I ran 3 miles every day for three days

Doing this activity got me the "Be Well" badge because running is a great way to exercise. When you run you learn a lot about yourself and how long you can keep going.

Make Baked Kale Chips

bought fresh kale at the farmer's market and made kale chips instead of french fries - the were delicious!

Did 50 J-Jacks

We play soccer almost every sunday

I play basketball

I biked for over an hour with my sister

Checked out a workout wii game

I checked out the Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009.  The work out was good, but it was simular to following a video.  While you did advance and earn points based on your effort, I guess I was expecting something different. 

Submitted guess for Medical Mystery #1

Healthy Kids

Active kids by Kathryn Smithyman & Bobbie Kalman ; photographs by Marc Crabtree

Be healthy! it's a girl thing: food fitness and feeling great by Mavis Jukes, Lilian Cheung

Exercising for good health by Shirley W.