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Be Well

i ran around the house

did 20 jumping jacks

i feel lightheaded

I played volleyball for the first time and liked it.

I played volleyball for the first time and liked it.

Danced half the night away with 2 seven year olds ....

Wii dancing is a blast!

Played Just Dance 3 on the Wii for 45 minutes.

Read the April 2011 issue of Natural Health

Ways to help the planet and your health


I went swiming in daycare

I breastfeed my 3 month old son.

Young Explorers Huma Body

Tells about how body works and healthy food and energy.

Stretches & Exercises in our Bridge book

Did 30 minute power walk at lunch

Went for a run yesterday with my dog

Read books

I played on the trampoline, swam, and read books. I also went to dance camp for three days. One book I read was about ballet.

invented a underwater game

i exercised by playing on the xbox kinect

kinect adventures

i went to a batanicle garden

went to yoga class

I ran about two miles and played with the hose

Read "The Family That Couldn't Sleep" by D. T. Max

We were learning about prions (proteins that act somewhat like viruses) in my Microbiology class and this book is about prions. I had to read it, it corresponded to what I was learning about in class! If you don't know, Mad Cow Disease and the human equivalent, Crudtzfelt-Jakob, are prions!

Did Tae Kwon Do