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Be Well

I play baseball almost every day

going to do just dance

right now

love biking

it gets me excersised

I hiked 15 kilometersin the mountains


just dance


ran cross country

I play baseball every day; I went hiking with my family

going to do a workout dvd

I participate in many sports and activities.

I do swimming two days a week, and karate one day a week!

i did the Child ID event

i jumped arond while i made ravioli

i exersirsized

i made ravioli

Child ID

Our dad brought us to the child ID at the library. We had our fingerprinting done on all our fingers.

Rented and watched/did Hip Hop Abs Workout DVD from the library!

I needed a break from the crazyness that was Insanity fitness, and in the credits of each DVD there was always an advertisement for Hip Hop Abs by the same company Beach Body. I have to admit that it was kind of a let down in comparison, but for someone who wasn't killing themselves in the gym or with Insanity it was kind of fun. I definitely felt a burn in the ab-section, but I admit that the dance sequences completely threw me off...I guess that even being in shape doesn't automatically make you a great dancer...

Completed the Insanity Fitness Challenge

At the beginning of the Summer, my best friend and I knew we needed to slim down a feew of the "freshmen 15" (is it still called that when we're seniors??) that we put on when we went away to college. More than that, we wanted to be in bikini shape by the 4th of July...this year, not next we knew we needed something extreme. Enter-Insanity. This ridiculously intense workout by Beach Body Fitness garuntees to get you in the best shape of your life in 60 days. Well...we said we wanted extreme didn't we? Let me tell you, Insanity is just as crazy as they say it is. Every day we'd find ourselves face down on the floor, almost in tears because we were so exhausted. It got to the point when I would get home at 5pm, workout at 630, then go to bed immediately afterward because I just didn't have the energy to do anything. But it was all worth it in the end.

Medical Mystery #1

pretty easy question

royal pains