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Be Well

Ran 17 miles this week

Went swimming for an hour

Played tennis

Went jogging with my dad

I did Medical Mystery1

Submitted an answer to Medical Mystery #1

ride bike today

I played basketball for an hour

Walked more than one mile with the Saturday Summer Walking Club at CPL!

Image previewMore Saturdays to join the CPL Saturdays Summer Walking Club include July 7, July 14, July 21 and July 28 from 12-12:30. Meet at the Rotary Club Clock in Heritage Park. 

biked back

so hot outside!


i went swimming with my sister for 1 hour


I attended a yoga class at the Summit On The Park.

And now I am very sore.

go swim

I go swim today. It's so hot and the pool is crowded.

Took Swimming classes

Doing summer weekly dance intensives - jazz & ballet

I LOVE TO DANCE!! I have my splits on the right side, working on the left.....

I created a Fitness Plan for my family

I felt bad about my pathetic shape going into gym class and resolved to maintain my newfound level of fitness throughout the summer.

just finished just dance at 1:15

i sweat a lot during and after.

I went swimming

i did a PE camp