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Be Well

therapeutic pool

volleyball yesterday too


went swim

I went swim with my dad.

Beat the Heat!

Hubby and I challenged each other to come up with creative solutions for beating the heat!  Best one so far?  Soak small towels in cool water and place in the freezer for 30 minutes before looping them around your neck.  Instant cool down!

Swiming in the pool in our neighborhood

My family goes to the pool in our neighborhood almost 3 times a week it is good for our bodies.

I sent a Guess for Medical Mystery #2

Made healthy pasta

Served multi-grain pasta with homemade pesto sauce using home-grown basil.

Got a massage...ahhh.

I went swimming.


I bike from my house to the library to the summit, heritage park, and back home.

Answered Medical Mystery #2

I sent in my answer to Medical Mystery #2.


I go swimming almost every day in our pool. I have learned how to jump off of the side without my floaties!

Family Bike Ride

We went on a family bike ride for the first time with my new bike around our neighborhood!

Studied Ishinryu Karate and joined a dojo

I am practicing my Ty Kioku Shodan Hanichi kata and the other moves my sensei taught me. I am teaching my little borther to be well and eat well too.

Read Charles Dickens editorials on the Drouet Trial

Swam in the lake for 2 hours

Took the dog for a walk

Stretched with exercize bands

helped my dad wash his car