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Medical Mystery Answers

Thank you all for participating in our Connect Your Summer Medical Mysteries! Here are the answers to the four mysteries. The winner of the drawing will be contacted soon!

Medical Mystery #1

The 1918 Flu (Influenza) Pandemic or "Spanish flu"

Medical Mystery #2


Medical Mystery #3


Medical Mystery #4


ran a 5k

Exercised with my dad

Exercised with my dad

walked around the subdivition

Walked around subdivition

walked in subdivision

Walked and lifted weights today

Rode the exercise bike for about 30 minutes

I was riding a gold's gym power spin bike and I did it with no batteries... It got tiring when I went really fast but I got to watch tv while in the process!

Played a game of soccor

The game was 4 against 4 and sadly the score did not turn out well, my team lost! But it's ok and plus, during the game, I made an awesome goal for my team! I had a really fun time playing!

We played the volleyball in the backyard.

Walked 2 miles.

took a swim lesson.

Rode my bike around the whole neighborhood

Took a fast ride around my neighborhood for about and hour and 1/2.Came back with my hands and legs sore.

Did some stretches to loosen up my body

Did about a 3 minute stretch just to loosen up my body for a big, tiring day.

Played 5 games of "Horse" with my Dad.

About a week ago I went with my family to the Summit. Mom and my brother went walking while me, Dad, and my other baby brother went to the basketball court. We played 5 games of Horse and in one of those games, I won! But I still think my dad went too easy on me...

Walked around the track

Went to the Summit with my family a few days ago and walked/ran around the track for about 30 minutes.

Went Swimming

Went to the Summit to go swimming with my family for about 45 or more minutes. Very cool and refreshing.

Played a 1 against 1 game of soccor

I played a game of soccor for about 30 minutes with my brother. I won =D

walked for 30 minutes