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Are you ready to GET YOUR GAME ON? Gaming has many different formats, plays styles, genres, and are for ALL AGES! Below are resources for all ages and abilities. What kind of gamer are you? Share your gaming adventures with us by using the hashtag #howdoyou62.


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Party and Competitive Games

Use the following design code below to add a little bit of Canton Public Library to your Animal Crossing Island.

Note: You will need to unlock the Able Sisters' shop and have an online Nintendo subscription in order to download these design codes.

Code for CPL Short Tee
Animal Crossing T-Shirt with CPL Logo Blue

The most popular Nintendo game during quarantine. Animal Crossing New Horizons is a simulation game where you design you own island, befriend animal villagers, and play with friends. Animal Crossing has allowed people to socialize while stuck at home, a way to process grief, and a tool to manage mental health.

New Horizons

The latest and most popular version of Animal Crossing. 

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