If it's about time for a change of scenery, bicycling is a great way to escape. Biking offers benefits to your health, your finances, and the environment. It's easy to hop on your bike and take a ride with no particular destination. And if you build your bicycle knowledge and skills, who knows where the ride might take you. Check out the links below to get all the info on bicycling. Be safe and wear a helmet. 

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Michigan Bike Laws, Health, and Safety

Cooking can be fun for the whole family when you learn how to play with your food! Connect in the kitchen by making something sweet or trying an edible experiment. These projects work for all ages and are guaranteed to bring smiles to your plates. To set the mood, check out this special food-themed playlist on Spotify!

Fun At Home

  • With just a few sweets like Fruit by the Foot and Rice Krispies Treats, you can make candy sushi at home! 
  • Learn how to make edible slime with this list of 14 recipes from Abrazo and Coze.
  • Get inspired by amazing food art! Red Hong Yi makes art using everyday items, including foods like tea leaves, beans, and seeds. Artist Jason Mecier makes portraits using candy, cereal, and more! What art can you make out of food?
  • These edible science experiments from We Are Teachers prove that science can be fun and delicious.
  • You can cook a whole meal with just a coffee mug! Try making pizza in a mug and delicious chocolate cake for dessert. 
  • See what you can build using only food. Graham crackers, frosting, and candy can be the building blocks to start you off!
  • Patience pays off when you make rock candy at home! This delicious treat is a perfect kitchen science experiment. 

CPL Resources

  • Try a brand new recipe featured in a cookbook. We've collected both physical and ebook picks!
  • Use Your library card to access AtoZ World Food. Learn about food culture, national cuisines and ingredients, and save recipes in an interactive digital cookbook.
  • Music can set the stage for a fantastic meal. If you're trying out a dish from another country, check out these world music picks from hoopla!

Image "two pineapples with gold party hats" by Pineapple Supply Co on Unsplash. 


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At this all-ages STEAM Stop, you'll learn about the four forces of flight while seeing them in action! Use the links below to find fun activities you can do at home and choose one (or two or three) that work for you. 

Each instructional sheet includes 2-3 fun STEAM activities you can do from home, a supply list, and step-by-step instructions. 

The Four Forces of Flight

learn at cpl u logo - graduation cap on triangle background

Looking to learn a new skill, hobby, or language? The Canton Public Library has many ways for you to learn over the summer. 

Learned something fun? Share your experience on social media with the hashtag #howdoyou62 

Hobbies & Crafts

Picture this--the breeze is gentle, the air is warm, but not muggy, the sun gently setting so it is not quite dark but not quite light, out pops a yellow dot of light. It catches your eye and you then see it again, and another, and another.  The magical glow from hundreds of tiny fireflies light up your yard and you run to catch one, just to see if you can.  Fireflies are amazing little creatures and we have some great ways for you to explore more about them in this 62 Days square.


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By The Book!


Reading book reviews are a great way to find new titles to read, but have you ever considered writing them yourself? Sharing your critiques and compliments of books are a great way to help others evaluate whether they’re worth reading or not. Glowing reviews also help great books that just don’t happen to have a lot of marketing going into their publications, get more attention.


Anyone can write a book review, but there is an art to writing a good one that really tells others if a book is a good fit for them. Good book reviews are not too long, but at the same time get at what struck you most about the book. Book review readers want to know more than that you enjoyed it and would recommend it. You want to summarise the main themes of the book and pick out what you thought stood out to you the most (and whether it was good or bad). Compare it to other similar books.


Get some more ideas on how to format your book reviews here:


BOOK RIOT's "How to Write a Book Review"


Grammarly's "How to Write a Book Review"


What are some places you can share your book reviews?


The most common book review websites are Amazon.com and Goodreads.com, but who says you have to only leave your book reviews on sites people go to looking for reviews? Why not post them on Facebook or Instagram and see what your friends think? Maybe they’ll have some book review ideas to give back to you!

Canton is home to a wide variety of dining choices. Whether your craving is for fast food or fine dining, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, or any of a vast number of delicious ethnic cuisines, you're bound to find it in Canton. And although our dining experience has been altered for the time being, you can still satisfy your hunger pangs by patronizing the many restaurants in Canton that are offering delivery and pick-up during this stressful time. But since, we're all spending a lot more time at home these days, its also a good time to learn some new recipes and practice some of our cooking skills. So whether you're choice is to "eat out" or stay in, we've got you covered.

Barbecuing is a great way to "eat out" and stay at home!

Or try some of these recipes especially compiled for "eating in."

For a variety of dining experiences, try some of of these resources:


  • cloudlibrary  Listen to this great selection of cook books for adults and kids.
  • Hoopla​  Streaming books, audio and video on all kinds of cooking, including cooking for kids
  • Overdrive  ebooks and audiobooks for all ages.

The Library's collection is full of great cookbooks. Here are a few to get you started:

Cookbooks for All Ages


  • AllRecipes  Thousands of recipes searchable by style, ingredients, and world cuisine.
  • Simply Recipes  Recipes with seasonal ingredients.  Includes an archives of over 30 years’ worth of old family recipes.
  • Yummly  Easy to follow recipes from breakfast to dinner.

Websites (Kids & Teens)


  • Burnt Toast  Host Michael Harlan Turkell explores a different aspect of food culture and community.
  • The Menu  Discusses everything from restaurants and chef culture to home cooking and more.
  • Radio Cherry Bombe  Host Kerry Diamond features interviews with the most creative women in the world of food.
  • The Splendid Table  Award-winning food writer Francis Lam hosts conversations about food culture, eating and cooking.
  • A Taste of the Past  A weekly journey through the history of food with culinary historian Linda Pelaccio.

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At this all-ages STEAM Stop, you'll learn how to use your STEAM skills to survive in the wilderness.  Use the links below to find activities you can do at home. 

Each instructional sheet includes 2-3 fun STEAM activities, a supply list, and step-by-step instructions. 



Grab your smartphone, dig out an old camera, or purchase one online. Photography can be a fun, artistic outlet that begins with you and a camera but can evolve into so much more. Whether at home, in nature, or about town, you can discover endless subjects to capture and share with family or across social media. Check out these links to get started.

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Photography How-tos

The summer months are usually the time we can go see all of  those blockbuster movies we look forward to all year. Think Jaws. The Dark Knight. E.T. Jurassic Park. And although our summer movie experience is different this year, there are still many ways to watch and appreciate our favorite films. Changes are coming to this year's film festivals as well. YouTube announced that they would feature a free online global film festival called We Are One which began May 29 and ran through June 7. Twenty of the world's most famous film festivals presented including the Cannes Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival, and the Venice Film Festival. A full schedule of future events will be posted on the festival's YouTube page. Even the Oscars are in for some big changes this year. Although only a temporary change, streaming-only movies will be eligible for awards at the 2021 Academy Awards presentation for the first time. Theater closures have pushed many studios to either release movies online or delay them for months. But in the meantime there are lots of ways to enjoy the movies this summer! And don't forget the popcorn!


  • Hoopla  Thousands of titles from major Hollywood studios are available for streaming, from anime to westerns - and everything in between! CPL Library card required.
  • Kanopy  Stream movies and documentaries from award-winning filmmakers, including the best in independent, classic film, and world cinema. CPL Library card required.
  • Kanopy Kids Kanopy Kids features a collection of films and TV series that inspire and inform, helping children develop social emotional skills and reinforcing valuable learning topics, such as history, science, and new languages. CPL Library card required.
  • Crackle. An ad-supported streaming service that offers both movies and TV shows.  No account required.
  • IMDbTV. Ad-supported streaming movies and TV shows. Must create a free account.
  • Popcornflix Kids.  Ad-supported streaming service for family-friendly movies & TV shows.
  • Tubi TV. Access to thousands of free movies for all ages - not commercial free, however. No account required.​

Books About the Movies

Books For Kids

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