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I suggested the library order the police academy animated series on DVD. I have been waiting awhile and I see you are going/have order it but now I found out that there are 3 discs to the series. As the one who suggested ordering the dvd I did not know there was more then one disc to the series. I feel that I should be able the right to get all three discs when they come available.


Forster - McLean
Mon, 2014-06-23 09:33

I understand you desire to check out and watch a complete TV show season is one sitting and I hope the following information helps.

When we place orders for the complete season of a TV series we do not always know how many discs are in the season at that time of the order. The decision as to how the season will be divided is made after the item arrives, dependent upon the number of discs in the season. Every patron placing a hold on an on order TV series is essentially placing a hold on only disc one of the season. It is up to the individual patron to go into the system and place holds on any additional discs in the season that they desire once records are created.
During cataloging and processing, item records are created for all discs which facilitates the hold placement process. Our rationale for breaking up a season takes into consideration the viewing length of the complete season and that the check-out length is 7 days for DVDs. By dividing a season we can increase the number of patrons who are viewing each TV series and may have different viewing needs because of their individual schedules. Though this methodology may not be ideal for patrons looking forward to getting a complete TV series with one hold we feel this is the fairest manner in which to circulate TV series.