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hold request on newly acquired material

Is there some way to address this problem: When new materials for a TV series are suggested, the person who makes the suggestion is placed number one in the queue. It often happens that others also make a request for the series before the material is actually acquired by the library. TV series usually come in more than one disc for a season. Once the material arrives, the number one person in the queue is first but only for the first disc. After that, every other disc in the season has to be requested individually. Curiously, when the first person is notified that the first disc is available, the other discs already have a queue. Is there a way for each person in the original queue to maintain their place for the sequential discs once the library acquires the series? I guess it would work something like a freeze where the each person in the original queue can maintain their precedence for all discs in the season. For example: I believe I was the first to suggest acquiring Waking the Dead, season nine. I was 1 of 3 until the material arrived. The season is broken into 3 discs. I received notice for disc 1, but it appears discs 2 and 3 are on the hold shelf for others. In this case I am next in line for both those discs but in other cases, with more people awaiting arrival of a series, I could be due for a much longer wait for the additional discs. I hope I have explained the situation well enough.


Forster - McLean
Thu, 2014-05-22 10:33

Thank you for your great question on holds and TV series.

When we place orders for the complete season of a TV series we do not always know how many discs are in the season at that time of the order. The decision as to how the season will be divided is made after the item arrives, dependent upon the number of discs in the season. Every patron placing a hold on an on order TV series is essentially placing a hold on only disc one of the season. It is up to the individual patron to go into the system and place holds on any additional discs in the season that they desire once records are created.
During cataloging and processing, item records are created for all discs which facilitates the hold placement process. Our rationale for breaking up a season takes into consideration the viewing length of the complete season and that the check-out length is 7 days for DVDs. By dividing a season we can increase the number of patrons who are viewing each TV series and may have different viewing needs because of their individual schedules. Though this methodology may not be ideal for patrons looking forward to getting a complete TV series with one hold we feel this is the fairest manner in which to circulate TV series.