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Is my hold available

Hello, I just put a book on Hold and it says there is 3 copies, and 2 of them are "Cataloging". I cannot tell if the book is available to be picked up or not, can you please let me know how I know when the book is available? Thanks!


Tue, 2014-03-18 15:31

Thanks for your good question! When we place an order for a title, our catalog will show that the item is in “cataloging” until it has been processed and ready to be put on the shelf. Holds can be placed on these items, even though some of the materials haven’t yet arrived in the library! In the case of the book that interests you, we have one copy already in circulation, and since it is so popular, we have ordered two more copies to help to satisfy the number of hold requests we’ve received. You are number 18 in the queue. We will contact you either by email or phone, your online patron account will give you the message “ready for pickup”, and we will place the book on our hold shelf for you to pick up within four days of notification. I hope this helps!