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rosetta stone

why do you refuse to purchase rosetta stone in various languages including spanish, french, etc? canton library alleges to be one of the busiest and best in the state of mi with media attention, but you have not purchased this well known basic language software for education. i have submitted requests for this to your library several times. which staffer is not acting on those requests? instead of spending so much to purchase movie dvds which are available to so many already by netflix and amazon and blockbuster, instead of purchasing new fiction books at perfect intervals at great expense, instead of overstaffing the front desk and your desk jobs, why not purchase language software which will really help students in this township?


Wed, 2013-07-03 14:15

Rosetta Stone is available for individual purchase only and not for institution purchase. This company will not sell to libraries or other institutions. This is why we cannot purchase it. We have Mango Languages and Powerspeak language resources on our databases page accessible under the "Research" heading on the left side banner. These are comparable to Rosetta Stone CDs. If you need any assistance with these, ask at our help desk and we will assist you. I hope this response answers your question.