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Internet lab closure on weekend (Saturday, June 29th)

The public does not get to pick and choose which days they can and cannot visit the library and use its services.

Closing the internet lab (for computer updates) on a Saturday might have been a mistake. The public tends to have more free time on the weekend (obviously).

The web express computers do not perform the same job/s as those in the lab.

For example; the express computers have no access to some Google products. Not that I intended to use some of those products this day.

I point out that my time at the CPL is limited as I also care for an invalid at home. My time today may have been wasted.

We are too poor to afford a babysitting service. (Starfish does not assist adult invalids based on my experince, by the way.)

As we live in grinding poverty the annual millage of about $200 (plus the gas spent on a wasted trip) is also unappreciated.

I do not want a response from any of the staff. I am more than disappointed.



Sat, 2013-06-29 12:51

Yes, George, we do occasionally need to make upgrades to equipment and software. We do our best to be quick and efficient to minimize downtime. Today's closure of the internet lab was necessary and for a relatively short period of time, with the other 125 or so computers remaining available for your use.

I am sorry to hear that you continue to find us to be such a tremendous disappointment. There are a number of other libraries that you may use for library services that may satisfy you; your Canton card is accepted at more than 60 libraries in a five-county area.

Eva Davis, Director