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it would have been nice if it was a sign up on the door that you guys were closed. As 17 of us were waiting for the library to open including a group of kids dropped off by their parents. after I loaded my aunts in the car had to drive back up to the front of a group that was now waiting that you all were closed.


Sat, 2013-06-15 10:31

sallyj, Your use of profanity is vulgar and unnecessary. I am sorry that you are so upset that you believe name-calling is warranted; please stop.

Our closure today was posted for days leading up to today on our street sign, has been listed on the front page of our website, is on our phone system message for callers today, and was announced on signs throughout the library as well as released to local print and electronic media.

In addition, and for future reference for you, clicking on the Location/Hours link at the top of this page will show you all of our scheduled closings for the year.

Eva Davis, Director