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Great Service

Hello, My son and I were in the library on Monday looking for some books on Switzerland for his class project. Alice Rice pointed us in the right direction, then helped check us out and renew my son's library card. Later that evening, she called our house (based on information from the library card) and said she came across another book on Switzerland and would glady drop it off at our door. Full disclosure, we do live on the same street and are friends of the Rices, but I think Alice would do this for anyone. Great service from a great library. Kevin Barkume


Wed, 2013-06-05 09:51

Thank you, Mr. Barkume, for your compliments. I am glad to hear that Alice went above and beyond to make sure your son had what he needed, and I am sure that Alice is thrilled to read your kind words.

Thank you for your support and patronage of the library.

Eva Davis, Director