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Summer Reading Program

Hello, My name is Laura and I am a teacher at Hulsing Elementary School. I am currently working on a packet for my parents, on activities that they can do with their children over the summer. With that being said, I was wondering if you guys are having a Summer Reading Program this year? If you are can you please give me all of the details regarding the program so I can inform my students' parents. Thank you! Laura Tremonti


Wed, 2013-05-08 14:51

Hi Laura,

We are definitely bringing back our Connect Your Summer reading program and are deep into creating awesome reading lists, activities and programs for kids of all ages throughout the summer months. I am working on a handout to send out to PCCS for approval which can then be distributed to the classrooms. We have also produced a DVD with some promotional videos that we are hoping to distribute to the schools to run on your morning or afternoon announcements. These two items should be complete and in the schools within a few weeks.

Thank you for your interest. We are getting very excited Smile

Nichole Welz,
Program Specialist