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When I drove past the library yesterday, i saw your sign inviting teens to participate with a physic. I am deeply saddened that a respected, community institution lends credibility to such an event, particularly to an age group where ideas and beliefs are molding. I am disturbed that these are tax dollars at work but even more so that this is what Canton portrays as desirable input for teens. I am hopeful events like this will not reoccur.


Thu, 2013-04-04 12:02
Thank you so much for contacting the Canton Public Library. We appreciate your feedback on our psychic program. We try to offer the teen community many different experiences from Sylvan Saturdays (which include test prep, study skills, and reading proficiency) to fun things like this program. Current popular teen fiction often deals with supernatural themes, and we felt Kristy Robinett was a fun way to piggyback on the genre. Kristy has done some very well-attended programs in the past and does these programs free of charge. No tax dollars are used for any of our programming as they are all funded with grants and donations. All feedback is important to us and we use it when planning our future programs. Thanks again, Anna Slaughter, Teen Librarian