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Study Rooms

Hello. I am a frequent patron of the Canton Public Library and thoroughly enjoy using its facilities! However, I would like to make one suggestion pertaining to the individual study rooms in the back of the library. I have used a study room many times and more times than not the person in the room next to me is engaged in a conversation on the phone. I am aware that the rooms are located in a "social zone" and some noise is to be expected but there have been times where the noise level from the phone conversations borders unbearable. I believe adding a bullet point to the "study room guidelines" regarding the rooms not being soundproof would greatly help with the noise/phone conversation issue. If anything, the suggested bullet point would make people more cognizant of their voice level and that their conversation can be heard by others in adjacent rooms. Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to continuing to patronize the Canton Public Library. 


Thu, 2013-03-14 07:34

Thank you for your suggestion that we add a bullet point to our "Study Room Guidelines" document reminding patrons who use those rooms that they are not fully soundproof and that loud conversations may indeed bother others using neighboring rooms. We want all of our patrons to enjoy their time at the library. Please let our staff know if loud conversation or other behavior is disruptive and they will be happy to address the issue.

Rebecca Havenstein-Coughlin
Department Head, Information Services