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Computer Classes

Do you have a list of computer classes listed by difficulty available at the Canton Public Library? Thank you for your time.


Wed, 2013-02-20 15:19

Most of the classes we offer are very basic, introductory classes and the descriptions of each are provided in our program calendar or in our newsletter. The newsletter description of the classes also lists prerequisite skills that are necessary for each class. If the title of the class has the word "basics" or "beginning" in the title, it means it starts at the very easiest point. If it has "intermediate", it is for those who have progressed beyond the beginning level and taken the basic or beginning class. A good deal of the classes have both a beginning and an intermediate class; for example, we offer Basic Word and Intermediate Word. All our classes are different and teach different skills, such that it is better to focus on the class description to discover WHAT you would like to learn, rather than if Powerpointe is more difficult than Excel. It would depend on the personal background and aptitude of each individual to rate a level of difficulty on each type of class. But always start with a "basics" or "beginning" course if you are unsure and build your skill level as you go. Class handouts are also provided and summarize the main points in the class such that one can refer back to them and need not remember everything taught in a short amount of time. Thank you for asking ASKCPL.