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So Long, Story-time

Over the past year and a half, my family has attended story-time each week it was offered. We dealt with some long breaks in-between sessions, but were always happy and eager to return on Tuesday evenings with our daughter. We were extremely disappointed to hear that Ms. Megan left her position with the library and that the story-times have now been cancelled for the time being. This was not a happy thing to share with our two-and-a-half year old who smiles eagerly to sing "hello" when we arrive to greet Ms. Megan and her other story-time friends. Why not have another librarian step-up and do story-time, instead of canceling all together? When will her position be filled and when will story-time return? This evening opportunity for families was very popular and I find it heart-breaking to no longer be able to share in the weekly experience with my family and our story-time friends. When deciding where to live, a key factor for this working family was the accommodations provided by the city for people like us. We hope to see this evening learning opportunity return on a regular basis. Thank you for your time and hopefully this issue will soon be resolved!


Thu, 2013-01-31 11:00

Dear Andrea,

We were disappointed to lose Ms. Meghan, too; the community was lucky to have her, and I know that children in Virginia are enjoying her storytimes right now. I appreciate your compliments of Meghan and her early childhood literacy skills. You may have noticed that the children's librarian position was posted on our website. I assure you that we plan on restoring the Tuesday night storytime.

For this session, the sad truth is that we did not have enough qualified children's librarians to continue the Tuesday night storytime. Staffing throughout the library has been reduced due to budget cuts, and in the children's department we have been staffed at the bare minimum since 2010. The breaks between storytime sessions allow the children's librarians to plan the next session, manage their collection responsibilities, take part in training and continuing education, conduct other programs inside and outside the library, and attend regional and state meetings. The librarians have done the best they can, as you've noted, and I am impressed with their positive, can-do attitudes. Could I have decided to put the storytime on with just anyone? Probably, but the quality would not be the same, and then you would be writing me a different letter with a different tale of heartbreak.

I thank you for saying that the library's storytimes were a key factor for your family moving to Canton. That is a great compliment, and I hope we'll see you in storytime again soon.

Eva Davis, Director