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Possible endowment fund goal proposal

Hello, my name is Sneh Patel. I am a origami artist. I draw paper notecards that have energy on them. Two years back in 2010 I used your facility both to draw and collide to create a project on the table outside. Since then I have created projects as extensions or separate from that particular time. I have been recently been giving my work to the municipal building across the street in hopes it will be put to good use. Because of my recent and past health problems I can no longer pursue to attempt to apply these projects only create them. Hence why I've been " dropping them in the absentee ballot slot." I received a letter in the mail regarding your recent financial troubles. Since my work is probably worth alot of money initially and after its been put to use I was wondering if the library would be interested in trying to make use out of it. If the local government cannot fund the library maybe the library could fund itself. Of course licensing it would prob make the most money lasting up to 20 years with the current technology out there. Selling it off probably would net large quick amount but wouldn't help in the long run. Since you helped me create such a dream I think it's only right that I return the favor. I recently saw at the library a banner about time travel and a picture of a violin making me wonder if library is where the municipal building turned to when they received some of my old work. Since its a large amount of paper that doesn't leak air but rather has a shiny laser optic ray system approach to it, It's ever changing and going through it is like opening a portal where you can possibly recreate old work that has since been loss or see change happen whether your looking or not. I was originally going to drop it in the slot ask for some of the money to go to the library but soon i realized the amount of cards is too large to place without a heavy collision which might lose some the energy involved. It doesn't burn. It sometimes cools has a nice tightening effect, the optics. Possibly Perfect compliment to add to the older works. Ideally I'd love to see the library expand and display use it as a source of income as renting but of course that isn't my decision. I was wondering about your opinions, thoughts, ideas, on if this is something if interest. You can email me at


Tue, 2012-12-11 12:23

Thank you for your kind offer to license your art work to us for the financial benefit of the library. Entering into this type of agreement is not possible for the library, but I appreciate your creative ideas! Thank you for your support and patronage of the Canton Public Library.

Eva Davis, Director