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Question about 1st Holder

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to bring an incident to your kind attention. In September, I suggested one book titled as The Guide to Fishing Skills Tactics and Techniques. The book was ordered on Oct. 9, 2012. Based on Canton Library rule, the one who suggested buying is supposed to be the first reader. I was automatically listed as first reader by the system. I was waiting for this book and waiting for it till today. When I noticed that this book was put on the hold shelf, I knew I would get the chance. However, I was wrong. Someone jacked in and borrowed this book before me. Is the rule changed? Or does the particular borrower have some prevelidges over other readers? Need your kind explanation.


Mon, 2012-11-26 16:13

It turns out that this particular book had to be checked out by the librarian who ordered it so that it could be specially processed as a Memorial Book for one of our staff. This involves placing a special plaque in the book and a note in the record that the book is a memorial book for that specific person, as well as letters sent to family members to let them know this special book has been chosen to commemorate a member of their family. As soon as these steps have been taken, the book will be placed on the hold shelf for those who have placed holds on it. It does look like there is one hold on the book which matches the name of your email, so you will be getting it as soon as it is ready. Thank you for asking ASKCPL.