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Posting my business flyer

Hi Smile
I asked a young man at the Market Ave. library about posting my ERRAND SERVICE flyer. He said it must be a non profit organization to hang it, but said he'd ask a manager anyway. The manager wasn't in at the time, so he kept the flyer to ask about at a later time.

I just read on your website, that you DO post other forms in a different location, and just wanted to know if my flyer did, in fact get posted. If not, I can come again this is a BRIGHT YELLOW flyer with the heading,,"CAROL CAN!" ERRAND SERVICE.

Thank you so much,
Carol Smile



Sun, 2012-10-28 15:32

I am sorry, but I believe you meant to contact a different Canton Public Library. This is the public library of Canton, Michigan; we do not have a branch location on Market Avenue. I think you may be looking for the Stark County Public Library system in Ohio?