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looking for a card catalog cabinet

Hello, this might be a weird request but I am looking for an old card catalog cabinet to use in my house. I am a huge reader and just think this would be a cool piece to have. it doesn't have to be in good shape, actually the more beat-up, the better. I am willing to pay for this up to a certain amount if one is found. Also, is there a way I can easily ask other libraries in the area this as well or maybe you could inquire for me? I know these are very rarely used in libraries anymore, but maybe an old one can be found in storage or something? thanks for your help! It's not a huge deal, but I have been thinking about it and now I really want one! thank you for your help! Debbie Beaudoin


Wed, 2012-10-31 17:53

Most libraries today use an automated catalog and have done away with the antique wooden stock variety. One can find these for sale on or I just googled "antique library card cabinets" and "library card catalogs for sale" and came up with several antique and new that are advertised on the internet for sale, one from Crate and Barrel, others on ebay and etsy and from private sellers. Crate and Barrel has an antique library card catalog style tv entertainment cabinet media stand and Target has a library card catalog storage system in cherry which I found by just googling "library card catalog furniture Target". These are new and not antique, but there are antique card catalogs for sale on etsy and ebay. Try this and see where it leads you, happy hunting!