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Hello I was wondering if you have the following books or DVDs? All of these are Veggie Tales.

1) Larry Learns To Listen
2) Growing Kindhearted Kids
3) Bob Lends a Helping Hand
4) Growing Paitent Kids.

If you don't have these, can you see if another nearby library have these books or movies. Anything that has to do Aesthetic and creative development. Hopefully you can find these items for me before Wednesday or Thursday.

Thank You, I really appreciate it.

Jennifer Quinn


Thu, 2012-10-11 16:22


Unfortunately we don't own these particular titles on DVD. The good news is that all the titles you are looking for are compilation DVDs, taking stories from one or two other Veggie Tales videos. I went through and put on hold for you the titles that we have that have the stories from the DVDs you requested. They'll be on hold for you here until Saturday.

1. Larry Learns to listen: Pistachio and Josh and the Big Wall (heroes of the Bible)
2. Kindhearted Kids: Big River Rescue and Babysitter in DeNile (Duke and the great Pie war)
3 Bob lends a helping hand: Big River Rescue (again)
4.Patient kids: Abe and the amazing Promise and Sumo of the Opera

I did find two at other libraries in Michigan and requested them through interlibrary loan for you. Unfortunately they are coming from Chippewa Valley and Grand Rapids and may take a week to get here. I did see Novi and Livonia had Kindhearted Kids and Bob lends a helping hand but I could not see if they were available to check out.

Hope it helps.
Ruth Baluch
CTT Services Librarian