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Hello, I'm at Ann Arbor but would like access to your online library material, what must I do? I do have an Ann Arbor library account. Thanks, Jim A


Mon, 2012-08-27 11:54

Thank you for your question! As a non-Canton resident and a member of a library that does not reciprocate (share) with us, you have two options to access our online databases:

  1. Visit us in person during library hours, and use our computers to access the database you want to use.
  2. Get a Canton Public Library card. If you work or own property in Canton, you are eligible for a card at no additional charge. If you do not work or own property in Canton, you may purchase a non-resident card for $170 annually, which is the average amount in taxes that a Canton resident pays for library services. Please visit our Borrowing page for further information on card eligibility and how to apply. Once you have a Canton Public Library card, you will have access to use our databases remotely, from work, school, or home. (Note that not all databases are available remotely.)

Thanks again for contacting us; I hope this answers your question. Feel free to call our Checkout Desk, 734-397-0999, option #3, for further information.

Eva Davis, Director