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Suggested eBooks: Safari Online

Hi Canton Library, I am a Canton resident and am writing to enquire if the library has looked at Safari e-books as a resource for providing technical and business books. I would love to see some of their computer programming titles being offered. They have a lot of books that are really expensive to buy and really hard to find. The title that I'm most interested in right now is "MacRuby: The Definitive Guide. Ruby and Cocoa on OS X" (ISBN 978-1-4493-8037-3). More info on that book can be found here The link to Safari books is here They claim to offer programs for public libraries, but they have pretty well priced themselves out of my family budget with their unlimited plan costing $42/mo. Thanks for your time, Whit


Mon, 2012-08-27 12:30

Thank you for writing us about Safari eBooks. The Canton Public Library does not have any plan to subscribe to this vendor as of now. The eBooks we provide are popular titles; they are offered through a Consortium arrangement. We won't be able to afford them if we didn't partner with other libraries. The title you are looking for can be borrowed from MEL as a physical book, if that will help you. Thanks again for taking an interest in writing us.