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1. Why are patrons allowed to have food & drink near computers? 2. When will keyboards with letters rubbed off going to be replaced? 3. Why does Canton use an out of state collection agency for past fines? Keep business in MI!! 4. Liked your recipe rack!


Mon, 2012-08-20 10:13

Thank you for your comments. I will answer them in order:

  1. The short answer is: Why not? We've allowed food and drink for more than a decade, and have had little to no damage to our computers. I can say with certainty that for the more than four years I have worked here, we have not seen any damage to our computers as a result of allowing food or drink.
  2. We are on a replacement schedule for our computer equipment, but if there is a keyboard that is particularly bad, please let my staff know and they can see if our IT department might be able to replace it sooner.
  3. Unique Management, based in Indiana, is the only collection agency in North America that specializes in public libraries.
  4. Thanks for your compliments of the recipe exchange rack during our Connect Your Summer program.

Eva Davis, Director