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please consider that the more ACT prep books you have would allow a chance for more students to have the potential to recieve a higher score, please consider buying more ACT prep books


Wed, 2012-08-15 16:50


Thank you for contacting us. On Tuesday, 7/24/12 you submitted a question about purchasing more ACT books and I replied on 7/25/12 to that post. You've reposted a similar ACT purchasing question. My answer is the same for both questions. We have a holds ratio of 5 holds to 1 item for all library books. For this year, I purchased 14 different ACT titles; some titles have multiple copies. Since 2008, our budget has decreased. All of the librarians have less money to purchase new titles and replace previously-purchased titles (either they have gone missing, fallen apart, or was never returned). Again, I apologize if you've had to wait in line for items but I do suggest trying our Databases. We have a Test Preparation resource called Learning Express Library. Good luck.

CPL Librarian