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Is the staff observing the pedestrian walkway?

Hello. Don't like to complain, but I was close to being run over on the pedestrian walkway (yellow diagonal lines) by a female staff member. Incident occurred about 12:30P.M., Thursday, 7_26_2012. The lady had black hair with an olive complexion. She was driving a compact goldtone vehicle. This incident occurred on the north-south drive leading directly to the employee parking area. Apparently she was going on duty at this time. If she does this to me again I may video record it and call the police. Please have your staff observe traffic rules re. pedestrians in the parking lot.

Oh, there was at least one witness who politely yielded at the exact spot going in the southern direction.

Please don't bother responding as I don't have time to read them.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.



Mon, 2012-08-06 10:38

George, you are certainly free to file a complaint with the police about any vehicles that fail to yield to pedestrians in the marked crosswalk. You are assuming that the car that failed to yield belongs to staff; you should know that patrons dropping off book donations to the Friends, the Friends volunteers who sort those donations, patrons dropping off paper recycling to the recycling dumpster, and patrons who park on the west end use this drive as well. Hopefully they all will see this and obey the driving laws regarding the marked pedestrian walkway. If it is staff, once they are off the clock and in their personal vehicle, I have no authority over them. Regardless of who it is, you may find that your solution to call the police and file a citizen's complaint is probably the best one for you.

Eva Davis, Director