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please if you may have the time to purchase more 2012ACT prep books that would help the hold lines and give students more time to prep for the AcT. it would help students aim to achieve for a perfect score when more practice time is given when ACT books cn be renewed more than once but the students can not do that if the books they have are on hold. thank you for your time and please consider my suggestion it would help a ton of students who are prepping for the ACT.


Wed, 2012-07-25 17:15

Thank you for contacting us and bringing your concerns to our attention. I can relate to the stress for studying for important exams. I apologize that you've had to wait in the hold line for test guides. I am the education librarian and have been in charge of the test guides for over 6 years so far. It has always been a very popular and heavily-used part of our collection. I buy for the library as many ACT titles I can find in our ordering database. For the very popular test guide titles, I buy in duplicates. For 2012, I bought about 14 ACT titles. I am now ordering 2014 editions. At CPL, we get electronic alerts if the holds ration goes beyond 5. That means if a title has 5 or more holds, the librarians are alerted that another copy is needed. Every year since 2008 when the recession hit Michigan's economy hard, our budget for materials has decreased. Another issue affecting my budget is patrons failing to return test guides and those items are billed and not available to other patrons. The budget for replacement copies has diminished tremendously. Unfortunately, some test books do go missing so theft is also a factor. As far as renewing, when a patron places a hold on an item, that patron who has the item can't renew it. You may also want to keep checking our program calendar for Sylvan Saturdays ACT Preparation which is sponsored by the Friends of CPL.