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I ran Evanovich as an author search anf then sorted by newest. I did not get a cite for "Notorious Nineteen" which will be released later. However, when I ran "Notorious Nineteen" by title, I get two cites for a large print book and another for a different media. Curious as to why it does not show up on an author search.



Sat, 2012-07-21 12:21

Thanks for your question! "On order" materials such as "Notorious Nineteen" have a simple record created in our catalog at the time we place the order, so that patrons like you can place holds ahead of their release. The simple record doesn't have all of the information that a full record does, so sorting by date is, as you noted, not functional for this item. When "Notorious Nineteen" is sent to us and we create the full record, that information will appear. Sorry about that.

Eva Davis, Director